No No Hair Removal Men Usage Tips

by ac9ev4n6 on December 15, 2010

No No Hair Removal Men Usage Tips

No No Hair Removal MenBeing a unisex product, women aren’t the only ones who should enjoy the benefits of the new No No Hair Removal. If you’re the kind of guy who struggles with hair growing in places you find embarrassing or you think is unattractive to others, then NoNo Hair Removal is FOR YOU.

Best of all, as we’re now into April, if you want to have great looking skin in time for Christmas, you need to start using the No No today. As you’ll read below, it only takes a couple of weeks to start seeing significant hair reduction but if you want to have hairless skin in time for your Winter vacation, you need to get started NOW!

It’s pretty obvious that I myself do not have any first hand experience using No No Hair Removal “Men style” or on ‘manly’ areas of hair growth such as your back or chest, but I have observed the success someone very close to me has had with the No No.

Ginny’s Hair Removal Case Study #42

Does No No Hair Removal Work On Thick “Man Hair”?

I had been using NoNo Hair Removal for 7 months before my husband plucked up the courage to ask whether the No No also worked for men. As some of my long term readers know, I have been married to Saul for nearly 10 years and he has never said the words “hair removal” and “me” in the same sentence. Sure, he has always had a fairly constant 6 o’clock shadow and a decent amount of hair on his chest and back. But nothing extreme and certainly nothing which I thought he worried about.

However, like a lot of men his age (sorry Saul!) my dear husband has always preferred to keep personal health and hygiene issues to himself and the only reason he asked me about the NoNo was visiting a laser hair removal clinic would have been a very uncomfortable experience for him.

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Back and chest hair are notoriously thick and I wasn’t sure if the NoNo would be able to cope with treating that much coarse hair. However, it was definitely worth a shot so I put together a treatment schedule and told Saul that the only thing he had to do was stick to it.

Saul didn’t want me treating him so he started with his chest. At first the No No did struggle a little to remove so much hair all at once and it took 4x 50 minute treatment sessions to work through all the hair on Saul’s chest. But once this first treatment cycle was complete things got much, much easier. Within 4 weeks, Saul had experienced a 60% reduction in hair growth on his chest and just over 50% hair reduction on his back. After 8 weeks, he had over 80% hair reduction on both areas.

If you compare this with the treatment times for thick hair in a laser hair removal clinic, then these results are fantastic. Chest and back hair removal are two of the most expensive laser treatments because of the size of the areas. You can end up spending over $5000 at a so-so salon and a more reputable place can run you into $$$$$ if you’re not careful. Saul got his treatment FREE for the first 60 days and once he triggered that the NoNo was actually working, it was a no brainer to order the No No outright.

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Is there a SPECIFIC No No Hair Removal Men Device?

No No Hair Removal MenThe new NoNo Hair Removal 8800 model is a one size fits all device for men and women of any age, skin color or hair type.

As Saul’s case study demonstrates, No No Hair Removal is capable of handling all sorts of hair– be it rigid, straight, curly, fine, or rough. In case you didn’t already know, it’s power comes from the revolutionary Thermicon technology which gently heats up hair follicles instead of cutting or burning them, causing the follicle to drop out. Thermicon is the reason Saul was able to treat such heavy quantities of thick hair completely painlessly and without any skin irritation or rashes.

Can NoNo Hair Removal Be Used To Treat Male Facial Hair?

As I have mentioned in my post Can No No Hair Removal Be Used On The Face? there has been some confusion over whether the NONO is suitable for facial treatment.

The answer is “Yes it is”… providing you are using the Official No No Hair Removal 8880 model. This is where the confusion has come from since older No No models (and the reviews which discussed them – in particular the review which people STILL mistake for the much improved 8800 model) were not suitable for use on the face. However, all this has changed with the No No 8800 series. The lesson here is to make sure you are getting an official No No Hair Removal 8800 series and not one of the older models or “unofficial” knock offs. Of course the safest place to get the No No is the Official No No Hair Removal Website. This is also the only place you can pick up your 60 day RISK FREE trial while it is still available so don’t delay…

Conclusion: So No No Hair Removal IS Men Friendly!

Hair removal for men is not a hot topic in Beauty or Personal Care circles. However, like I saw with Saul, it is an issue with concerns both men and women alike and No No Hair Removal provides excellent “at home” treatment for everyone. In the end, the reason why NoNo Hair Removal has received so much praise is because it is the first easy to use home hair removal device which anyone can use anytime and anywhere – regardless of gender, skin color or hair type. For men and women alike, the No No is open to all. Why not take advantage of the Spring Campaign FREE TRIAL Offer while it’s still available and see for yourself?

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“Are You Going To Be The One To Miss Out?”

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