Can You Use No No Hair Removal On Your Face?

by ac9ev4n6 on December 14, 2010

Is The No No Hair Removal Face Friendly Device?

The advancement of technological devices have made it possible for inventors and manufacturers to create products that are more efficient than their predecessors. This case is very true for Radiancy and its line of hair removal devices. No No Hair Removal has become the preferred choice to help women stop unwanted hair growth. Although No No has been hailed as the best of its kind, the greatest and biggest development yet has just been made this year.

The No No Hair Removal Face Friendly System has arrived!

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The most popular model, No No 8800 is known for its efficiency and high-quality results and has been made better by an added new feature which makes it much safer to apply on the skin, most especially the face. The 2011 model of No No 8800 has been made safer to use on the face so you can remove facial follicles easily and painlessly– that’s something you couldn’t do with a razor or laser treatment!

Now, as an added feature, you can use the No No 8800 on your legs, arms, underarms, face, and anywhere else on your body except sensitive areas such as your breast and genitals. With this new development, you can get rid of facial follicles that seem to form a female-stouche (or female + moustaches) which may have given you a hard time to get rid of!

Moreover, as we now into April the clock is ticking if you want to have smooth, hair free skin before the end of the year. I’m sure like me, you don’t want to be worrying about how you look in a bikini or wearing that skirt you love. It’s not too late to have great looking, hair free skin in time for your vacation. But you need to start now!

The New No No Hair Removal Face Safe Model is Better than Ever!

Shaving facial follicles will only worsen the condition since sharp razor blades tend to make hair thicker, darker and wound the skin. With the new No No Hair Removal Face friendly device, facial follicles are heated until they stop growing back. This is the best solution if you want long-term treatments. Likewise, waxing and laser are not good options to take if you want to get rid of facial hair. The former is painful and the latter is not advisable.

No No Hair Removal Face

For the same price, the new No No 8800 comes with an added feature which you will surely love. This makes the No No 8800 a complete device, capable of clearing unwanted hair from your body as well as your face. Bear in mind that the No No 8800 is not an alternative to shaving or cutting your hairline nor is the No No 8800 an alternative to cutting your hair. This device works best on your cheeks and jaw area where fine hair follicles are known to grow.

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Find out for yourself if the No No 8800 is ideal for getting rid of fine facial hair. The device is amazingly easy and safe to use so you need not worry about getting burns (as you would with laser) or cuts and bruises (as you would with shaving and waxing).

Alternatively, if you’d like some more information about whether “No No Hair Removal Face Friendly” is an accurate description, then check out my main review at Ginny’s No No Hair Removal reviews.

No No Hair Removal Face Application Tips for First Time Users:

No No Hair Removal FaceIf you want to use the No No on your face, it is advised to prepare your skin. It is advised to wash your face with warm (and not lukewarm!) water so that the pores open up. This makes it easier for the heat from the No No device to enter the hair shaft and heat the roots. Return to the spot where hair is clumped up together and stay in that area for a few seconds. The No No Hair Removal Face safe system heats up to certain degree which is neither too hot nor too cool for your skin. If it begins to become too hot for you to handle (facial skin responds to heat differently so be very careful!), move to another area and stay there until you feel you pores opening up and your hair follicles slowly dropping out or seem to thin out. For more information on how well the No No treat your facial follicles, check out the following posts – No No Hair Removal Does It Work?

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