No No Hair Removal: Does It Work?

by ac9ev4n6 on December 13, 2010

No No Hair Removal – Does it Work or Is It a Scam?

If I made $1 every time someone emailed me about “No No Hair Removal Does it Work?” – I would probably be a millionaire now. Anyways, after receiving countless questions about this product, I finally decided to try No No Hair Removal for myself.

“No No Hair Removal Does it work?” I’ll get to that very shortly…However, before I go into detail about my experiences with the No No, I’d like to introduce to you the new No No 8800 Hair Removal model which was recently released.

No No Hair Removal Does It Work

The No No Hair Removal – How Does it Work?

Last year, Radiancy launched a new and improved No No Hair Removal model: the No No 8800. Like it’s predecessor, the No No 8800 is a small device that is easy, safe and quick to treat yourself with. It’s secret weapon is it’s use of Thermicon – a unique technology which uses gentle thermal pulses that “crystallize” the hair follicles. Basically, what this means is that your hair is removed from the root of the follicle rather than just on the skin’s surface which gives you the long term results you’re after. Once you have used the No No on your body, you can buff off the crystallized hair shaft and leave your skin hair-free. Since No No 8800 uses only heat and no light or radiation, it its safe to use on delicate areas such as face, underarm and bikini line. Moreover, the No No 8800 emits Thermicon heat evenly over the area of your body you are looking to treat and this is why it doesn’t leave unwanted marks, cuts, irritation or skin burns.

No No Hair Removal Does It WorkNo No Hair Removal – Did it Work for Me?

Does No No Hair Removal Work? Well, when I first used the No No, I took advantage of a 60 day free trial which Radiancy were running so I really didn’t have anything to lose in trying it (UPDATE: as part of their special Spring Promo, that free trial is running again until Friday, 18 April 2014). The good news is even though I have been testing and using hair removal products for over 10 years now, even I was surprised at how effective the No No is.

For the first 60 days I used the No No twice a week on my arms, underarms and legs as well as my bikini line. One treatment session took just under an hour to finish all these areas and most of the time, I did it while I listened to my son Thomas practicing his scales on his cornet. This may be a little too much info, but I tell you this to demonstrate how easy I found the No No to use. Even with my ten year doing his best to distract me, it was still very easy to treat myself and avoid the cuts and nicks I use to get with when I used a razor.

After 50 days of treatment, I experienced a 60% reduction in hair on over my arms and legs as well as more than 50% reduction on my underarms and bikini line. I was impressed enough with these results to buy the No No after its 60 day free trial had expired. Then, throughout my 4th month of treatment, I was experiencing good enough results to allow me to lower my weekly treatments to once or twice a week and after 5 months of treatment had elapsed, I was down to 1 single treatment session each week AND more importantly, I had an 80% body hair reduction over all the areas I was treating. Once I had achieved these fantastic results, I quickly started using my No No 8800 model on my face and so far, I am very excited to tell you I have had more success here with nearly 90% hair removal after only 90 day of treatment! Hair on your face is typically much finer than say leg hair (for women anyway) so this is why I have had a quicker and better success rate. In fact, before the beginning on next month I’m hoping for 100% facial hair removal. No No Hair Removal Does it Work? My answer is a big, grateful YES!

If you want to read more about how I got the best out of the No No and find out whether it will really work for you, my complete No No Hair Removal review has all the information you need.

Best of all, as April has already begun, the clock is ticking if you want to have smooth, hair free skin before the end of the year. Since it only takes a few weeks to see results with the No No, it’s not too late to have great looking, hair free skin in time for your vacation. But you need to start now!

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No No Hair Removal Does It Work

But Hold On…No No Hair Removal Does It Really Work for Everyone?

Unlike laser treatment, NoNo Hair Removal works very well with all different skin types, colors and texture. It doesn’t matter than skin tone you have or the color of your hair – the No No will work for you just fine. The only exception is if you have an existing skin condition so if this is you it would be best to check with your doctor first.

Of course, the results you will get from using the No No Hair Removal vary depending on how you use it. How often and how regularly you treat usual is the difference between great results and disappointment. You don’t have to spent a lot of time with the No No but you need to stick to your treatment schedule to see results. It is recommended that you use the No No two to three times a week to maintain smoother and hair-free skin. Treatment sessions should last between 30 – 60 mins. For instance, treating each leg should take no more than 10 mins and your bikini line will take around 15 mins in total.

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No No Hair Removal Does it Work Better Than The Traditional Hair Removal Methods?

The No No Hair Removal definitely works faster, safer and better than any traditional hair removal methods out there. You don’t need to use hot or cold wax, shaving creams, razors and tweezers. This means you can remove your unwanted body hair without worrying about possible irritation, extreme pain, cuts and inflammation. No No 8800 works faster because you only need 10-20 minutes to treat a particular area to leave it hair-free and smooth and since No No 8800 removes the hair from the root of the hair follicle, you can be sure that your hair will grow back slower, finer and finally not at all!.

The No No Hair Removal device was designed as a solution to help you in your struggle of getting rid of unwanted hair on your legs, arms, underarms or face so you can wear the latest trends without feeling the slightest bit of insecurity. While shaving, waxing, and laser treatments are common hair removal methods, they may not be as effective as the No No Hair Removal device. As I experienced for many years and I’m sure you do as well, shaving always gave me nicks and bumps on my skin, waxing left me with a painful after-feel and since I have dark skin, laser treatments are off limits to me. No No Hair Removal does it work? Well, it worked for me and if you read some of the other No No Hair Removal reviews you’ll quickly see that most users along with beauty magazines, dermatologists, and hair removal professionals say that No No Hair Removal is currently the best home hair removal treatment currently available. However, why don’t you see for yourself? You have nothing to lose:

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no no hair removal does it work

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