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by ac9ev4n6 on December 14, 2010

Where Can You Buy No No Hair Removal Devices?

Buy No No Hair Removal* * *And Which No No Kit Should You Buy? * * *

Recently, there has been some confusion over where you can buy No No Hair Removal so I thought I’d put together a short post which clears up any misunderstandings, fill you in on the best places to buy the No No and explains when you should buy the No No, which No No device you should buy and which to AVOID.

Best of all, as we’re already into April, time is ticking if you want to be hair free for Christmas. The No No will give you hair free skin in just a matter of weeks so it’s not too late to have great looking, hair free skin in time for the rise in temperature. But you need to start now!

However, before you decide ‘where’ to buy the NoNo from, it is very important to decide ‘which’ NoNo Hair Removal kit to buy. This is the biggest mistake people make and is the biggest cause of complaints, disappointments and cries of SCAM!

There are two different No No Hair Removal models available:

The No No Classic

The No No Hair Removal 8800 series.

The No No Classic was the first No No model released and initially people were less than impressed. Most people who tried it only achieved around a 50% reduction in hair growth and you also couldn’t use the No No Classic on your face. I remember testing the Classic out and found the treatment process quite painful.

Since then, Radiancy have released the much improved No No 8800 series model which much easier to use, is complete painless and give most people around an 80% reduction in hair growth. This is model which people are raving about and which has made NoNo Hair Removal into the success it has become. You can read my full and detailed No No Hair Removal 8800 review by clicking on the link.

However, even today when people go to buy No No Hair Removal, they still get confused between the Classic and the 8800 series. This is mainly because there are still quite a few outdated reviews knocking about on google which criticize the performance of the No No Classic but don’t mention it is only the Classic they are reviewing! The biggest culprit here is Amazon customer reviews which is even more confusing as people have mistakenly listed reviews of the No No Classic under the No No 8800!!

No No Classic Is NOT The NO NO Hair Removal Kit You Should Buy. Choose No No 8800 Series

NO NO Classic Don't BuyBuy No No Hair Removal

Don’t Be The One To Make A Mistake

Buy The No No 8800 From The OFFICIAL SITE Now!

And Get A 60 Day RISK FREE Trial Thrown In!

(This Trial Offer is part of No!No!’s Spring Campaign and ends on Saturday, 19 April 2014 11.59pm PST)


Where NOT To Buy No No Hair Removal

The most dangerous place to buy NoNo Hair Removal is online auction sites such as Sadly popular products like the NoNo attract the attentions of scammers and con artists and there have been many reports of fake No No 8800 kits being sold online. These fakes are extremely dangerous and could do serious damage to your skin. I have had emails from readers who have bought a No No 8800 through ebay and suffered burns and scarring. For $60 saved it’s just not worth it and of course, buying through Ebay or Amazon means you don’t get the chance to try No No Hair Removal for 60 days to see if it really gives you the hair removal results it promises.

In the end, the safest, easiest and best place to buy No No Hair removal is from the official No No site: This is the only way you can guarantee you are getting the most up to date NoNo Hair Removal model and avoid the hassle and frustrations of accidently buying the older No No model or worse, buying a fake No No 8800.

How Much Does No No Hair Removal Cost?

If you do buy No No Hair Removal from the Official No No Site, for the first 60 days the No No it is essentially FREE! This is because as I’ve already mentioned, as part of their Spring Campaign, Radiancy are running a 60 day free trial of the No No 8800 until Saturday, 19 April 2014 which allows first time users to test out the No No for 60 days which is roughly TWO full treatment cycles.

You do have to pay a shipping cost of $14.95 and you will be initially billed for the first payment installment of $89.95; but after 60 days, if you decide the No No is not for you, you can return it and get a full refund on both the $14.95 shipping and the payments you have made. Radiancy will also pay the return shipping for you meaning if you decide to return the No No after 60 days, the total cost will be $0!

If like most people, you decide to keep on using the No No after the 60 day trial has finished, the will pay a further two installments of $89.95 meaning that the total cost will be $270. To break it down, that’s three easy payments of $89.95 a month. There is a small monthly maintenance cost of around $10 to replace the hair removal tips and buffer but apart from that, there is nothing more to pay. You can get more information on this by going to my article on the No No Hair Removal Price List.


As I’ve already mentioned, if you buy No No Hair removal from the Official site, you also qualify for a 60 Day Free Trial of the No No 8800. However, this is a special Limited Time Offer which Radiancy are running this April and is due to expire on Saturday, 19 April 2014 11.59pm PST so don’t delay….

Buy No No Hair Removal or Try It FREE For 60-days!

This Spring Free Trial Offer Ends on Saturday, 19 April 2014 11.59 p.m.

* * * THAT’S TODAY! * * *

Don’t Miss Out On This Great Opportunity…

Finally, If you do end up taking No No Hair Removal for a test drive, please drop me an email to let me know how you get on. I really welcome testimonials, questions or problems you might be having with your unwanted body hair. You can contact me here. Hope to hear from you!

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